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Summer Program

HSCSN Summer Program 

Happy Summer!

Make good use of your time out of school with the Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc. (HSCSN) Summer Programs. We can help you enroll in summer camps. You qualify for summer camps from Memorial Day (May 31, 2021) until Labor Day (September 6, 2021). Summer camps are helpful and fun! Camps focus on socialization, recreation, self-care, fitness, education, training, or other skills and education.

Summer Programs Include Breathe DC, Melwood and BroadFutures

To find out if your summer camps are covered, follow the steps below:

Step One: Call Customer Care at (202) 467-2737. Customer Care will assist you through the application process.

Step Two: Fill out the Summer Program Request Form with your doctor. Send the form to HSCSN.

Step Three: Receive an approval letter from HSCSN

Step Four: Enjoy your summer camp!

Download the Summer Program Request Form

Call Customer Care at (202) 467-2737 to learn more information.