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Find a Doctor (Health Provider)

Downloadable HSCSN Provider Directories

If you would prefer to look at the entire list of primary care and specialty providers within the HSCSN network, you can download the Provider Directory.

Selecting a Doctor or Dentist

Choosing your Primary Care Provider (PCP) and dentist is one of the most important things you will do as an enrollee. If you have not chosen a doctor yet, use these steps to get started.

Step One: Think about the needs of your family

  • Do you want to keep your current doctor or dentist? Check to see if your doctors are part of the HSCSN network. If so, you may keep that doctor.
  • Is it important for doctors to be close to home or work?
    • Do you prefer one hospital to another? Download the list on this page or call Customer Care at (202) 467-2737 or 1 (866) 937-4549 for a list of hospitals where primary care providers (PCPs) and dentists can send patients for treatment.
    • Some doctors may not be taking new patients. HSCSN will let you know if you need to pick a different doctor.

Step Two: Choose a PCP and dentist for every HSCSN enrollee in your family

  • See what health care services HSCSN covers »
  • If your current doctors or dentists are not part of the HSCSN network, download the provider list to find a provider in our network.
  • There may be HSCSN enrollees in your family who don’t have a PCP or dentist. You can choose one from the list of doctors above. 

If you have a question about whether HSCSN covers certain health care, call Customer Care at (202) 467-2737 or 1 (866) 937-4549.

If you need to change your PCP or Dentist

You can change your PCP or dentist anytime, for any reason. To do this:

  • Download the list on this page to find a new PCP or dentist.
  • Call your Care Manager to let them know which doctor or dentist you have selected as your new PCP.

Health Care Services Covered by HSCSN

Services covered by HSCSN

See what health care services are covered by the HSCSN health plan.