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Healthy Living Program

What is the Healthy Living Program (HLP)? 

The Healthy Living Program offers free movement and weight management classes for parents and youth ages 16 and older. Classes include: 

  • Yoga - Improve balance and strength while working on mental health
  • Strength 60 - Burn fat and improve heart health
  • Jazzercise - Dance and get a full-body workout
  • Health Education - Learn about healthy eating and keeping a healthy weight


See the Calendar of Events for program dates and times. 


Healthy Living Program (HLP) Classes are held at  
Family and Community Development Outreach Department (FCD) 
3400 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE 
Washington, D.C. 20032 


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To learn more, call the Family and Community Development Outreach Department (FCD) at 202-580-6485

Para información en Español favor de llamar a 202-580-6487. 

Upcoming HSCSN Events

Join us for one of our upcoming health and family support events, set up just for you and your family.