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Policy Program Manager

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Job Requirements

The Policy Program Manager will be responsible for developing and leading HSCSN policy program. Responsibilities will include researching the code of federal regulations, district regulations, and HSCSN awarded contract to ensure the organization is compliant with all requirements of a Managed Care Organization. The Policy Program Manager will write new and revise existing HSCSN policies and will assist HSCSN leadership with writing departmental procedure, in addition to training all staff within the organization on the policy program and ensuring leadership has trained staff on new and/or revised guidelines and requirements. Policy Program Manager will also chair and lead the monthly Policy Committee meeting.


Essential job duties

  1. Inform department leads on new and/or revised existing policies and procedures, forms, and workflow processes.
  2. Ensure policies and procedures align with CASSIP contractual requirements as well as other regulatory requirements.
  3. Advise on submitted policy and procedure content from subject matter experts for completeness, level of detail, content organization and overall understandability by all readers.
  4. Interview staff for information as necessary through direct/targeted questioning to capture contractual requirements to ensure documentation is auditable and functional.
  5. For change tracking, approval tracking and audit purposes retain pertinent communications with business owners and other key individuals and draft versions with changes/comments from all parties.
  6. Inform business owners of conflicts and process gaps and offer resolution.
  7. Translate information into easily understood materials for varying skill levels of employees.
  8. Research regulations and analyze necessary changes to existing policies and procedures and/or the need for development of new policy and procedures as needed.
  9. Develop, format, edit and revise organizational policies and procedures with the guidelines established by Policy & Procedures governance process (see Administration AD/02) that align with Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) quality and outcomes measures.
  10. Ensure organizational awareness of policy changes and program.
  11. Update and maintain the policy and procedures repository (Policy Medical).
  12. Coordinate, process and track policy and procedure reviews and approvals.
  13. Prepare reports, presentations, and summaries for senior leadership as required.
  14. Provide staff with initial orientation and ongoing policy and procedure training.
  15. Assist VP Quality Accreditation/Risk Management with CASSIP contract revisions.


Required Experience

  1. Minimum 3+ year’s healthcare related experience in policy, procedure, documentation and technical writing or equivalent work experience.
  2. Bachelor’s degree (required); Master’s degree (preferred).
  3. Experience in managed care organization (preferred).
  4. Experience in healthcare (required).
  5. Ability to analyze complex content information gathered from different sources into a clear and logical written policy or procedure, streamline processes and flowcharts. 
  6. Excellent organizational and analytical skills; demonstrated skills in critical thinking, attention to detail and problem solving.
  7. Highly proficient in time management, planning and prioritization; ability to manage changing priorities.
  8. Demonstrated experience with process flow and process mapping.
  9. Strong interpersonal communication skills.



Required Education

Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Government, Public Policy, Health Policy, Pre-law, Public Administration (or proven outstanding writing ability and skills).

DC Residents are encouraged to apply!

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